Well done to Mason on gaining his Monitor badge. He is responsible in class and helpful and trustworthy. Every day he assists his class in making sure everyone is Ready, Respectful and Safe!

Tackling Plastic Pollution With Sky Ocean Rescue


Learning outcomes

Pupils will be able to:

Tackling Plastic Pollution with Sky Ocean Rescue

  • This term pupils from Woolston Primary have entered a competition with Premier League Stars. By entering this competition Pupils were able to discuss why ocean plastic pollution is a key issue for our world today and write a pledge to use less plastic.
  • Primary pupils made a killer whale out of recycled materials and added their pledges to the display.
  • Pupils have bought a compost bin for their garden and made peace doves out of Milk bottles.
  • This topic enabled pupils to learn about the simple changes everyone can make to have a positive impact on the local and global environment and help prevent further ocean plastic pollution.

After the spring break our pupils are going to conduct a toy sale to raise funds and recycle plastic toys. Any donations welcomed!




Primary Pupils visited the Maritime museum in Liverpool to see the ‘Titanic- The Real Story’ exhibition. Primary pupils have been studying Titanic in project and have been full immersed into the life of an individual on the boat. Pupils have been encouraged to choose an individual and find out about that person’s life experiences on the Titanic. Pupils have enjoyed role play, writing diary entries and newspaper articles and researching using primary and secondary resources.

Coming up next term


  • Second Hand plastic Toy Sale
  • Sensory Centre Visit
  • Italian Ice cream parlour
  • Wriggly Roadshow
  • SATs booster sessions



In conjunction with their sculpture art project primary pupils visited the Tate Gallery in Liverpool.

The pupils looked at different aspects of sculpture and visions by the artists. Prior to the visit pupils researched artists such as Ugo Rondinone and his ten metre tall hammer. Pupils will be using the visit to influence their artistic vision and techniques in creating their own sculptures.

Liverpool Biennial and Tate Liverpool today unveiled a major new public artwork by internationally acclaimed artist Ugo Rondinone – his first work in the UK. The sculpture, called Liverpool Mountain, stands over ten metres tall, next to Tate Liverpool in Royal Albert Dock Liverpool.

Knowsley Safari Park

A wild experience from your classroom

 This term we had an enrichment evening in Primary led by Knowsley Safari park. The aim of the session was to connect our pupils with the natural world . The pupils had the opportunity to make dough models of their favourite park animal and the pupils designed a new Tiger enclosure for Knowsley Safari Park.




A fantastic achievement for Primary this term. Pupils from Primary have had their creative writing published following the previous ‘Mad Hatters’ tea party poetry morning.

Well done!

Coding with MGL


 The children explored the benefits of robots in society. They discussed how they can be used to search, rescue and deliver supplies to people, and also be useful in the use of aiding mobility. The children then analysed their VEX robot, understanding the inputs and outputs that their robot has. After that, children then connected their robots to an iPad via Bluetooth and used Modkit to program their robot using block coding. Everybody worked extremely hard and coded and debugged their robot to grab an object, pick it up, move to another area with it and place it down.

Christmas Jumper Day


On Friday 14 December thousands of people up and down the UK will start their day by pulling on a Christmas jumper for a great cause – to help create a brighter future for children.

Woolston Brook woollies are here!

Primary Boccia


This Term we have attended Warrington School Boccia competition and our athletic key stage two pupils came 1s . The next competition was the Cheshire country Boccia finals at MMU. Once again our outstanding pupils came first!

Next Nationals- Come on Woolston Brook!!!!

What is Boccia?

Boccia can be played by individuals, pairs, or teams of three. All events are mixed gender. The aim of the game is to throw leather balls — coloured red or blue (which side uses which is determined by a coin toss) as close as they can to a white target ball, or jack. The jack is thrown first, then the first two regular balls are played (first, the player who threw the jack then the opposing side), after which the side furthest away from the jack goes next in an attempt to either get closer to the jack or knock the opposition’s ball out of the way. In this fashion, each end will continue until one side has played all their balls, at which point, the opposing side will play their remaining balls. The balls can be moved with hands, feet, or, if the competitor’s disability is severe, with an assistive device such as a ramp. At the end of each round, or end, the referee measures the distance of the balls closest to the jack, and awards points accordingly — one point for each ball that is closer to the jack than the opponent’s closest ball. The team/player with the highest number of points at the end of play is the winner. If both teams have the same number of points after all ends have been played, one additional end is played to determine a winner

Primary Film Enrichment Evening


Primary Film enrichment took place this week to celebrate consistent good progress and enthusiasm for learning. All children had the opportunity to attend and they enjoyed a evening of popcorn, hotdogs and fizz!!!

Next Enrichment session 10th Jan 2019: the Knowsley Safari Team will be coming in after school.

Anti-Bullying Week


Primary pupils have been involved in a range of activities to promote choose respect 2018.

Pupils have created an odd sock display highlighting what to do when being bullied and the steps to getting help. Primary pupils have discussed in a mature and safe manner incidents were they feel that they have been bullied and what they could have done about it. Primary Pupils have nominated a key stage two representative (buddy) to go to in need of help- well done Jack.

Primary pupils have worked alongside MGL and looked at cyber bullying. They had an in depth discussion regarding current issues and personal issues with MGL. The discussions held were mature and respectful and dealt with current issues such as online gaming and texting and situations that can arise from partaking in such social events.

In memory of Stan Lee the primary pupils then created a comic strip showing how to react and respond when in a situation using Comic Life on the IPADS.

‘The House with a Clock in Its Walls’ Film Review

by Y4 pupil


‘This term we have been to Reel cinema in Widnes for Into Film Festival week. We went to watch ‘The House with a Clock in Its Walls’. This film had Jack Black in it as a warlock. My favourite bit of the film was the chair. I liked the way the chair was portrayed as cute and cuddly even like a puppy. I didn’t like the way the dolls were scary as it made me jump, but it was funny.  I liked my popcorn and chocolate and my Tango that I had to drink.

The character Lewis was smart, he knew words from the dictionary and he wore goggles although the other boys laughed at him and was mean to him. He got upset and wanted to fit in so he brought back the dead. This was a bad thing to do for Lewis as his uncle was upset with him.

I liked the ending as it was funny when his uncle turned into a baby. I would not change any of the film and I was rate in 9/10.

Thank you into film for this experience!!’

100 Years



Young Writers


Young Writers have been working with schools, parents and young writers across the world for over two decades. Their aim is to promote poetry and creative writing. They run annual competitions, produce poetry and creative writing collections . All pupils from the Primary have been entered and have been accepted for their poems to be published into a book.  Well done!

Speak Out Stay Safe

Speak out Stay safe is a session available to all primary schools in the UK. It aims to equip a generation of children with the knowledge and understanding they need to stay safe from abuse and neglect. Children are taught to speak out if they are worried, either to a trusted adult or Childline.

This term trained NSPCC volunteers and staff delivered an assembly and workshop with the help of our Speak out Stay safe mascot, Buddy the speech bubble. Pupils were taught in a lively, memorable and child-friendly way.

It’s was effective way to support the school’s safeguarding duties and links directly to the curriculum. By the end of our visit, The children felt empowered – knowing how they could speak out and stay safe.



Halloween falls on October 31 because the ancient Gaelic festival of Samhain which is considered to be the earliest known root of Halloween. It marked a pivotal time of year when seasons changed, but (more importantly) observers also believed the boundary between this world and the next became especially thin at this time, enabling them to connect with the dead.

Pupils in primary enjoyed a fun filled day involving Ping Pong Pumpkins, Hoopla, Witches hats and bobbing apples. Pupils listened to scary stories, wrote scary poems and enjoyed scary food tasting!

Did you know that Tte history of Halloween goes all the way back to a pagan festival called Samhain and the word “Halloween” comes from”All Hallows’ Eve” and means “hallowed evening”.

Hundreds of years ago, people dressed up as saints and went door to door, which is the origin of Halloween costumes and trick-or-treating.



By a Y6 pupil

We went to Fire Central at Lymm. First we watched a video and was given lanyards then we went through a giant set. We first went through a version of TESCO’s. There were props some were fake and some were real.

On one set there had been a bike crash. The fire service asked us some questions about the bike crash. We had to work out what happened; was it the cyclist fault? The pedestrians fault? Or both?

A lady asked us what we know about the toucan crossing- we told her that it was a toucan crossing because the pedestrian and the bike could cross hence the name tou can crossing.  She asked us if we knew our Green cross code.

Next we went through Grandmas, Sam and Olivia’s room. We got hoops and placed them onto spotting the objects that were dangerous, this was after watching the video.  Sam’s bedroom was all burnt out because he has left his Xbox on and he had over filled the sockets. We were interested in whether he died luckily he never and got out.

My favorite bit of the trip was the house because it was so realistic it looked like a coronation street set. It felt real and this helped me to learn. I enjoyed placing the hoops on the objects. I would love to go again and I rate it ten out of ten.