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Creating greetings cards from water colour inks made from plants leaves and flowers
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Continuous Line Drawing
The Five Drawing Exercises
Shoes for drawing, painting and sculpting
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Summer Term 1 Manga

Autumn Term 1

Week 1 Research the Landscape art of Welsh artist, Kyffin Williams. Look at his use of texture and how he creates the feeling of moody weather in the Welsh hills .Make a list of words that describe how the artist created the Landscape of your choice.
Week 1 Take a series of photographs of landscapes this might be of local scenes ,or from any trips and visits you made during lockdown. Remember to use snap seed to manipulate your images digitally.
Week 2 Art: Make some quick sketches using graphite pencils ,charcoal, biro pens ,chalks, paints etc. to represent the scenes you took on your phone .Write down how you feel about your successes and what you would have done differently.
Week 2 Gather a range of paper, newspaper ,magazines, cardboard ,plastic bags and fabric and coloured threads .start to arrange them using ripping techniques ,sticking ,layering ,to produce some developments using abstract shapes of the landscape.
Week 3 Experiment further with paint and collage to produce your own landscape art. How do you think it went what did you like what would you improve?
Week 3 Look at a range of objects for drawing e.g. shells, fruit(whole or sections) containers, cuboid and cylindrical, stringed instruments. Look at a range of still life artists, including ,Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque. What techniques do they use .Do you like or dis like their work and why?
Week 4 Look at some examples of Geometric art work, Do your own sketches using graphite pencils ,in the style of Cubism.
Week 4 Select some of your everyday objects and experiment with line and tone to represent them .Make a composition suitable to base a painting on , and take photographs of them .
Week 5 Collect a range of recycled materials including cardboard cereal packets news paper ,glue and string and produce a 3D relief portrait in the style of Pablo Picasso .Take a photograph on your phone and manipulate the image using snap seed.
Week 5 Look at the light and shade in your relief portrait and your photograph and write about how light and shade can define and change how we see shapes, forms and spaces.
Week 6 Look for pictures in magazines of people showing a range of moods and emotions .These are called expressive images. Write down a short response to your collected images and how they make you feel .
Week 6 Art: Cut out a variety of collected images of people from magazines and newspapers. Still them onto paper or card to form an abstract collage .Make notes about colour, tone shape movement ,composition and your personal response to it .
Week 7 Analyse ways that different images are used for different purposes in photography, TV, adverts, film ,video, graphics and websites. Research about different techniques of animation.
Week 7 Watch an animated film, advert or TV programme and write a short review including you likes and dislikes about the characters ,storyline and characters .

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