Computing Vocational Taster


Mark Cullen

Subject Lead for Computing & Communications Coordinator

Section A: Complete at least 3 challenges over 10 hours (1 credit)

Challenge 1

Find out about and compare vector and bitmap images. Produce an illustrated guide including advantages, disadvantages, common file types, examples of images and information about when and why they are used.


Challenge 2

In a group, discuss the concept of optimising files for web use. You should consider:

  • resolution or quality
  • bit depth
  • file size and type
  • colour space
  • lossy and lossless compression

Summerise the benefits and drawbacks.

Challenge 3

Design a questionnaire to find out what people think of your centre’s website. Consider aspects such as navigation, design, accessibility and ease of use.

Survey at least 10 people and present your findings, with recommendation to improve the user experience.

Challenge 4

Investigate the use of plug-ins that can be embedded in websites (e.g. YouTube videos). Produce a table showing the names, features and costs of 3 different services that could be used for each of the following types of content:

  • image galleries
  • PDF viewers
  • video players
  • audio players
Challenge 5

As a group, investigate responsive website design and why it is so important. Share information on the different kinds of devices you use top access website and how websites are designed differently for use on:

  • computers
  • tablets
  • mobile phones
Challenge 6

The design of a website can say a lot about a company, produce or service and has an influence on their customers. Choose a website that you use frequently and analyse it. Consider:

  • branding – logos, fonts, colour scheme
  • styling – buttons, menus, icons
  • user experience – navigation, ease of use

Report using a format of your choice

Challenge 7

Gather good and bad examples of digital content and media from websites and apps. You could include examples of

  • menus
  • buttons
  • images
  • audio
  • video
  • animation
  • text

Explain why these are a good and bad examples of digital content. Make a list of dos and don’t when creating one of these types of content.



Section B: Complete 1 or 2 challenges over 10 hours (1 credit)

Challenge 1


Challenge 2


Challenge 3
Challenge 4


Challenge 5