Module 1: Infrastructure

Section A. Complete at least THREE challenges over 10 hours (1 credit).

Challenge 1 ‘Create a basic manual explaining the main components of a PC. Include images and descriptions of each. Use your manual to teach a family member what makes up a PC.’




Worksheet (back of a P.C.)

Worksheet (computer specification)

Worksheet (computer specification 2)

Worksheet (find the ports)

Worksheet (parts of a computer)

Worksheet (parts of a computer 2)

Worksheet (parts of a computer 3)

Differentiated worksheet (inside the computer)

Challenge 5 ‘One way to add protection to a network is to install a firewall. Discuss the advantages of having a firewall and any negative effect for users. State your recommendations.’


Presentation (malware)

Presentation (system security)

Worksheet (phishing)

Worksheet (malware)

Worksheet (types of cyber attack)

Information (What are hackers)

Challenge 6 ‘Passwords are an important part of the network security. Research good password policies and create a poster explaining how to choose and maintain good passwords.’


Find out the top 10 passwords in use on the Internet and show how they could be strengthened.’

Presentation (passwords)

Information (how to keep passwords safe)

Worksheet (create a strong password)

Worksheet (find top 10 passwords)

Section B. Complete ONE or TWO challenges over 10 hours (1 credit)

Challenge 1 ‘Many high-profile companies have been the victim of malicious hacking events, exposing the personal data of customers.

Produce a report on two high-profile cases, including:

how the breach occurred
whether the data stolen was encrypted
what steps the company has put in place to prevent similar events in the future
your recommendations for customers to reduce the risk of future incidents’


Presentation (cyber terrorism)

Presentation (avoid getting scammed)

Presentation (hacker hero or hacker zero)

Information (Playstation Network)

Worksheet (black hat hacker)

Worksheet (hacking comprehension)

Worksheet (NHS hacking)

Worksheet (white hat hacker)

Module 2: Digital Media and Content

Section A. Complete at least THREE challenges over 10 hours (1 credit)

Challenge 1 ‘Find out about and compare vector and bitmap images. Produce an illustrated guide including advantages, disadvantages, common file types, examples or images and information about when and why they are used.’


Presentation (file types)

Presentation (file types 2)

Information (bitmap and vector images)

Information (bitmap and vector images 2)

Task (raster graphics)

Section B

Challenge 1 ‘Design a website for a music festival. Use wire-framing techniques to come up with mock-ups for the structure, navigation and layout. The site should include a programme of events, photo galleries, video, links to social media and space for sponsor advertising.

Consider how your design could be made responsive so that it can be used across a range of devices (e.g. computers, tablets, mobile phones).


Presentation (pre-production)

Information (digital graphics knowledge mat)

Task (preparation)

Task (favorite musician)

Task (favorite musician 2)

Task (music videos)

Task (photo collage)

Task (sign up to WIX)

The next 2 challenges for section B are yet to be taught