Woolston Brook 4 v Penkford 3

Reporter: S Beardsworth

Today Woolston Brook played their first fixture of the season, away against Penkford. For many pupils it was their debut and nerves were showing in the changing rooms. The more senior players did put them at ease with some reassuring words of encouragement during the 30 minute journey to Ruskin Sports Village.

We arrived with time to spare for a light warm up, ready for the challenge ahead. Head Coach Nigel Smith gathered the players and delivered the game plan before the whistle blew for kick off. We started strongly, closing down each play and restricting their movement of the ball. Ashdon’s and Kyle’s defensive effort and strong tackling allowed us to take control and within minutes Ellis scored, 1-0 to Woolston Brook.After 10 mins Penkford began to find a rhythm in their game, putting together some skillful plays. Robbie prevented them from breaking through with a gargantuan effort on the left side. Over on the right side Ben was putting a foot in every tackle and clearing the ball but eventually they did find a way to score, making it 1-1. It was back and forth with thunderous goal attempts from both sides which Jordan bravely saved. Our next goal came from a free kick just outside the box which Brad powered into the top left hand side of the net. Celebrations were short lived when Penkford scored again within minutes of half time. The tension on the sidelines was unbearable and were relieved when the whistle blew for half time. The boys regrouped and focused, ready for the second half with another inspirational Team Managers speech.

The second half followed the same pace and ferocity of the first half with early goals from both sides 2-2. Ben showed strength and determination with an inspired defensive effort alongside Alfie. They cut off attacks which came from all angles. Our new team was showing promise as they went 3-2 ahead and looked like our first win of the season. Penkford didn’t lie down and came back to score 3-3 with seconds to go. What a game this was and it wasn’t over… with seconds to go and the referee with his whistle in his mouth the unexpected happened, Ben managed to head the ball in the back of the net to get a win for Woolston Brook 4-3! What a game! Each player played a part in this challenging first fixture.

Team: Jordan, Kyle, Ashdon, Robbie, Alfie, Ben, Ellis, Brad, Ben, Liam

Head Coach: Nigel Smith

Assistant Coaches: Danny Cameron & Stuart Beardsworth