Kerry Stockdale (Deputy Headteacher & Art Teacher)

Will Woods (KS3 Teacher)

Objective: to develop hand eye coordination

You Will Need

  • Sheet of paper for each child.
  • A handwriting pen or sharp pencil.
  • An object to draw near each child, such as a shell, feather, leaf etc.


Continuous line drawings provide an excellent way to help children develop hand eye coordination. Continuous line drawings are made by keeping the pen or pencil in contact with the paper for the duration of the exercise, and by matching speed of looking with speed of drawing.

Control is the essence of a continuous line drawing, with the speed of looking and speed of drawing being slowed down to an almost meditative pace. At this slow speed, children can observe detail carefully, and as the pen or pencil moves at the same speed as the eye looks, mark making becomes intentional and precise.



Taken from AccessArt