For children:

  • Calm – have increased the access to free resources for children (7-13 years) to include safe place, mediation for sleep (parents/carers to come alongside the child when using these resources)

For adults (including parents, carers, and colleagues):

  • F- focus on what’s in your control
  • A- acknowledge your thoughts and feelings
  • C- come back into your body
  • E- engage in what you are doing
  • C- committed action
  • O- opening up
  • V- values
  • I- identifying resources
  • D- disinfect and distance.

9 things to say to your anxious child

  1. I’m here with you. You’re safe.
  2. Do you want to do some dancing or running to get rid of the worried energy?
  3. Tell me about it.
  4. What would you like to say to your worry? What might your worry say back? Then what?
  5. Let’s draw it.
  6. What doe it feel like in your body? Where is the worry? How big is it?
  7. Match your breaths to mine.
  8. Let’s think up some endings for what could happen (anxious ones, goofy ones and realistic ones).
  9. What’s something we could do to help you feel better?