The English Friends Lessons

  1. Creative Techniques (MS. SOAPIE).
  2. Persuasive Techniques (Dr. E. STOUT).
  3. OTIS PRIDE (Structural Techniques)
  4.  PETER

Tansy Wright

Head of English

Objective: to know about and apply persuasive techniques


Hover the mouse over the word to get a definition. Click on the sound symbol to get the pronunciation.

Tier 2
Tier 3

Main: watch the video and folllow the instructions


The Other English Friends


Creative Techniques

Metaphor – The circus was a magnet.

Simile – The trees are as tall as towers.

Sensory – ice cold wind filled the room before the door slammed shut.

Onomatopoeia – The autumn leaves cracked and crunched.

Alliteration – The sun sizzled softly in the late afternoon.

Personification – The moon gazed down at the sleeping hills.

Imagery – The luscious, green hills rolled out along the glistening horizon.

Emotive language – The pain took her breath away as her tears began to fall.


Structural Techniques

Opening – How does the text begin?

Time – Chronological?Flashback? Flash-Forward?

Introduces – What new things are presented?

Shift – Why does the focus change?

Punctuation – How are sentences structured?

Repetition – What ideas keep coming up?

Intensity – How is tension created?

Dialogue – Who says what? How & Why?

Ending – How does the text finish?


Poin – What do you think in response to the question?

Evidence – What can you quote to back up your point?

Terminology – What is the method used by the writer?

Explain – How does the evidence back up your point?

Respond – What is the bigger picture that the writer is conveying?


Creates an image – What so you imagine?

Highlights – What stands out?

Reinforces – What idea is made stronger?

Implied – What is hinted at?

Infer – What do you guess?

Suggets – What does the writer make you to think?