Learning Objectives: to make a line drawing or painting of a room that you like

Key Points

Lots of artists have made famous pictures of their own personal space. Vincent van Gogh’s bedroom is a good example. How does it make you feel? Now, look at the pictures on the next page and then take a look around a room that you are in. What catches your eye? It may be the room layout, the doors and windows?

Kitchens are good too, because they have lots of interesting shapes.  Discarded toys and games in a room can also be included.

  • Select a low (looking up) or high view  point (looking down)
  • How will this affect your final artwork?
  • Include shading and tone to create depth

We have been covering this in previous lesson and you’re all beginning to use it  with skill.

Don’t forget -This will also  improve your grade look great in your portfolios.

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