N.C.F.E Employability Key stage 3&4

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NCFE Level 1 Award in Employability Skills (6 Credits)

NCFE Level 1 Certificate in Employability Skills (18 Credits)

These qualifications aims to develop and enhance skills required for the working environment and to improve learners’ confidence, personal effectiveness and communication skills in order to prepare them for employment and motivation,

To achieve this pupils take part in weekly time tabled sessions. Each lesson is tailored and modified so all pupils can access their learning and complete set work whilst also developing cross curriculum skills such as information technology and literacy.



Understanding Mindset (2 Credits)

(Optional units)

Managing your time = 2 Credits

Understanding personal finance = 2 Credits

Working as part of a teamwork=2 Credits

Job Application skills =1 Credit

Interview Skills = 1 Credit

Dealing with your first days at work = 1 Credit

Following instructions = 1 credit

Identifying processes and procedures at work = 1 credit

Working with Colleagues = 1 Credit

Writing a C.V = 2 Credits

Being Safe at Work = 2 credits

Understanding Motivation = 1 credit

Plus other optional units.

When your child has completed the course their work is internally moderated my senior member of staff and then officially credited by an external moderator from N.C.F.E. Pupils will then receive a certificated level 1 qualification displaying the number of credits that they have achieved.

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To view an example of the type of work your child may complete please access this hyper link