Fiddlers Ferry Visit

Woolston Brook pupils visited the Fiddlers Ferry Power Station to develop an understanding about renewable and non-renewable energy sources. They participated in various practical activities and built their own wind turbine. As part of careers education they also learnt about the various job roles in the Power Station including Engineers, Office Administrators, Scaffolders and many more. To end the visit they had a tour of the whole site including the huge Cooling Towers.

Warrington West Railway Visit

As part of Woolston Brooks commitment to provide Pupils with opportunities to inspire and gain knowledge of the world of work they visited a major development at the new Omega in Great Sankey. The site is Warrington West Railway Station which is being constructed by Balfour Beatty, an International building company. The new development will create a network from Omega to the centre of Warrington, Liverpool and Manchester.

The pupils had a presentation about the company and also met a 16 year old apprentice who talked about his experience after leaving school without the GCSE’s he’d hoped for. Following the Q & A with the apprentice they had a tour of the site and gain knowledge about all the different trades and employment opportunities with Balfour Beatty.

This has hopefully inspired the year 10’s who have already got an interest in the construction and engineering sector.