Rebecca Robinson

Exams officer


JCQ: GCSE and Vocational Qualifications 2020

How it works

Phase 1: Schools and Colleges
Schools and colleges have submitted to exam boards the centre assessed grades teachers think you would have received had you sat the exam.

Teachers also submitted a rank order for you based on how you were expected to perform in each subject.

Teachers used information such as your coursework, mock exams, assessments, general records and performance throughout each course to determine your grade and ranking.

Phase 2: Exam Board Checks
Exams boards are now checking grades for consistency using a model developed with regulators.

They are working hard to make sure grades are awarded fairly and in line with previous national results in each subject, how well this year’s students have performed previously and how well the school or college has performed in recent years.

Phase 3: Results Day
GCSEs: 20th August

Results released at 8am!

This is the moment you have been waiting for! Even though you didn’t have the exam experience you can be confident that the grades reflect your work and have been awarded as fairly as possible to ensure you’re ready to take the next step in your education.


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