‘English Friends’ will help you with analysing and creating texts.

Video Lessons

English Friends ‘Ms. Soapie

Objective: Learn the mnemonics to help you analyse and create texts

English Friends ‘Dr E. Stout’

Objective: to know and apply persuasive techniques

English Friends ‘OTIS PRIDE’

Objective: to know and apply structural techniques

Letter Writing

Objective: Understand/explain the purpose of a diary entry


KS3 Autumn 1 Term Worksheets

Pack 4: 1 Audience
Pack 4: 2 Purpose
Pack 4: 3 Context
Pack 4: 4 Finding the important bits
Pack 4: 5 Summerising
Pack 4: 6 Working out what’s going on
Pack 4: 7 PEE
Pack 4: 8 Different types of text 
Pack 4: 9 Choice of vocabulary
Pack 4: 10 Similes and metaphors
Pack 4: 11 Personification Alliteration and Onomatopoeia 
Pack 4: 12 Imagery 
Pack 4: 13 Language to create mood
Pack 4: 14 Layout
Pack 4: 15 Structure
Pack 4: 16 Stories
Pack 4: 17 Poetry
Pack 4: 18 Comparing texts
Pack 4: 19 Practice questions 1
Pack 4: 20 Practice Question 2
Pack 4: 21 Practice Questions 3


KS3 Summer Term 2 Worksheets and Work Packs

Pack 3: 1 Skills pack 2 
Pack 3: 2 Creative activities 1
Pack 3: 3 The outsider
Pack 3: 4 Retrieving information 1
Pack 3: 5 Retrieving information 2
Pack 3: 6 The door into a magical world
Pack 3: 7 A new planet
Pack 3: 8a Whodunnit the murder at Munchley Manor  
Pack 3: 8b Whodunnit the murder at Muchley Manor (PowerPoint)
Pack 3: 9 Playwriting
Pack 3: 10 The selfish giant
Pack3: 11 Creative activities 2
Pack 3: 12 Creative activities 3
Pack 3: 13 Creative ctivities 4
Pack 3: 14a Reading lessons (book extracts)
Pack 3: 14b Reading lessons (PowerPoint)
Pack 3: 15 Desciptive writing skills in travel writing
Pack 3: 16 Creative activities 5
Pack 3: 17 Creative activities 6

KS3 Summer Term 1 Worksheets and Work Packs

Pack2: EMC Work Pack
Pack 2: Vocabulary activities
Pack 2: Skills work pack
Pack 2: Inference activities
KS3 English Work Pack
KS3 Home Learning Pack (challenge version)
Pack 2: Literacy work pack

KS3 Spring Term 2 & Worksheets and Work Packs

Pack 1: Reading: finding the important bits
Pack 1: Choice of vocabulary
Pack 1:Imagery
Pack 1: Stories
Pack 1: Formal and informal letters
Pack 1: Comas semi colons and colons
Pack 1: Reading: practice questions
Pack 1: Similes and metaphors
Pack 1: Choice of vocabulary 
Pack 1: Paragraphs
Pack 1: Summerising
Pack 1: Writing to persuade and argue
Pack 1: Apostrophies
Pack 1: Writing: practice questions
Pack 1: Working out what’s going on
Pack 1: Personification alliteration and onomatopoeia
Pack 1: Structure
Pack 1: Writing to inform and advise 1
Pack 1: Writing to inform and advise 2
Pack 1: Sentences phrases and clauses
Pack 1: Basic punctuation and speech marks


Online English resources for home education

(updated 24 June 2020)

All children’s audiobooks are available for free while schools are closed.
CENTURY Tech for Schools

Courses and micro-lessons covering a range of topics. Sections for schools, parents and carers and pupils.

Creative Blogs and Anderton Tiger Broadcasting Systems

Downloadable resource packs which cover a range of subjects, including reading and writing.

English Mastery

Downloadable resource books providing 12 weeks of activities covering writing and poetry.

English and Media Centre

Downloadable resources covering a range of texts for key stage 3. GCSE resources are categorised by examination board.

Love Reading 4 Schools

A  site with recommended booklists, categorised by age range and topic, covering fiction and non-fiction.

Registration: not required

National Literacy Trust

A range of family activities to support literacy.

Registration: not required

Pobble 365

A new image is published each day as a basis for creative writing. Story starters, questions and drawing ideas are provided.

Poetry by Heart

A wide selection of poetry covering different topics.

Royal Opera House

A range of resources which allow you to explore theatre from home.


A range of downloadable resources covering the GCSE curriculum, categorised by examination board.