Video Lessons

Objective: to learn how to make chocolate chip cookies

Objective: how to make shortbread biscuits

Objective: how to make chili beef wraps

Autumn Term 1

Week 1 Produce a list/ mind map of different cooking methods. Make a table showing the advantages and disadvantages of 5 different cooking methods.
Week 2 Using the list from week one give examples of foods that are often cooked in the ways you have listed.
Week 3 Write a list/mind map of as many fruits you can think of. Do the same for vegetables.
Week 4 Think about your own experiences with fruit and vegetables when you were younger. How could you make these foods more exciting and interesting for children to eat. Produce a leaflet/ poster to show your ideas.
Week 5 Produce a list of meals with plenty of fruit or vegetables that children would enjoy eating.
Week 6 Make one of the meals you listed last week with fruit or vegetables.
Week 7 Research different knife techniques used in cooking. Create an information leaflet on the techniques and knife safety in the kitchen.


Work through the BBC Bitesize Food Technology clips
Exam questions