Subject Title
Maths Measuring the circumference of a circle
PE Fit 30 Day 1
Art Drawing objects in a room – under construction
Art Creating greetings cards from water colour inks made from plants, leaves and flowers
English English Friends: Ms. Soapie – Learn the mnemonics to help you analyse and create texts
Cooking Chocolate chip cookies
English Communication: letter and diary writing
Science Extracting cholorophyll from leaves
Maths Area of rectangles or squares
PE Mini Challenges
PE Basketball Challenges
Art Drawing Small
Art Continuous line drawing
Cooking Shortbread
Art The Five Drawing Exercises
Art Exploring tone and negative space
Maths Averages and Range
Art Shoes for drawing, apinting and sculpting
Geogrphy Making a volcano lesson 1
English Dr. E Stout: to know about and apply persuasive techniques
Science Insects
PE Plan a trip