Video Lessons

Objective: to learn how to make chocolate chip cookies

Objective: how to make shortbread biscuits

Objective: how to make chili beef wraps

Autumn Term 1

Week 1 Research what kinds of food people would have had in their shopping baskets 50 years ago and the typical meals from that time. Produce a poster/ list of your findings.
Week 2 Research the shopping basket and meals people have now. Make comparisons with the list from week one and today. Document your findings.
Week 3 Research issues young people face in relation to food and body image. This can include body shape, fashion snacking, balanced diet, peer pressure, social media, influences from TV media and advertising.
Week 4 From last weeks research produce your evidence in booklet/leaflet/poster/PowerPoint presentation.
Week 5 Research about international and cultural influences that have changed the kinds of food we choose to buy and prepare.
Week 6 Present your findings about international and cultural influences in a PowerPoint / poster/ information booklet.
Week 7 Prepare and cook one of the chosen dishes from previous work you have completed.


Work through the BBC Bitesize Food Technology clips
Exam questions