Stuart Beardsworth

Stuart, who is our Careers and Work-Related Learning Coordinator, set up an online community group called ‘In This Together’ at the start of Lockdown. It provided help, links and support for pupils and parents who were homeschooling. Stuart Kept everyone up to date with food banks, donations and other wellbeing support.
Stuart set up support for nurses in the COVID ward in Warrington Hospital by organising donations of hand creams, shower gels etc… from the community. This was necessary because their hands were sore from the constant sanitizing and also their faces were raw from wearing masks. They really appreciated this and they said that it made them feel human again.
Another link he made was with retirement homes where he asked members to write letters and pictures so they could distributed to those who felt isolated.
The FaceBook group is still going and has nearly 1000 members from the UK, Spain, France, Austraila, Dubai and many other places. They have all gotten to know each other well and continue to engage and support one amother.
Stuart was nominated as a ‘Hero of Warrington’ by Jay Roe for the Warrington Guardian during lockdown.

Jay Rowe said: “This page is updated throughout the day with motivational messages, just general questions to get people involved and give them something to do.

“He does different awards each day such as the young person awards, selfie of the day, and classroom pupil of the day.

“His posts keep people happy in these uncertain times and is bringing the community together.

“He’s taken time out of his daily schedule to keep the community of Warrington entertained, well informed and it is very much appreciated by all the community in the group, some of who don’t even know him.”

Warrington Guardian 23 April 2020

Stuart was also nominated as a BBC North West Tonight ‘Everyday Hero’ on the 17th of April.


Stuart (Y8)

As well as learning online at home, Stuart (Year 8) helped out at a local stables.