Summer 2017
Sky Leap Video
Vocal Chords Being Weird Original Video (17/11/17)
Vocal Chords (17/11/17) – Being Weird Live Video
Vocal Chords (17/11/17)- Power Live Video

Drama Day

Tesco/Felx Gardening Project


Beofre our new benches arrived.
Benches in place!
Beofre the planters arrived
Planters in place.


GCSE Art Work



Grappenhall Cookathon

Grappenhall Cookathon Demonstration Video 2015

State of Mind Assembly

4J pose for a picture with rugby superstar Danny Sculthorpe following a very interesting assembly delivered by the State of Mind charity.

Shortly afterwards they tweeted:

“Honoured 2 present at Woolston Brook School, great kids, thanks for your time and attention”

Details of the charity can be found by visiting:


Please remember – its good to talk!

Woolston Brook Art department celebrates!


This summer the 2 pupils who were entered for the GCSE art exam both received A*s a result of their hard work.  This is the third year  in succession that the school has achieved A* results.

The art department just goes from strength to strength and now all pupils have the opportunity to be entered for GCSE art.

We have also completed 2 whole school art projects – have a look in the gallery for some fabulous photos!

The BIG Cookathon Event

This was the third time we have entered this event, and each time our aim is to challenge groups to cook the same meal in an unusual place rather than in the cookery room.
This year we had groups cooking in the science lab, at the swimming baths, in the forest over an open fire, in the maths room, by the canal side in Llangollen, at the local nature reserve and even had a ‘come dine with me’ event in the beauty room.
We tried to involve as many of our school community as we could which this year included some of our regular volunteers and swimming instructors – I believe even the local postie was in on the action as he happened to be delivering just as everyone was tasting the dish!
Most of the staff and pupils present on the cookery days had the opportunity to chop, cook or taste the biryani, in fact we managed to include 97% of the school.
This year, in order to try to reach our wider audience, we uploaded a video demonstration with step by step instructions to talk you through the recipe.  Our thanks for this go to Gareth for not only starring in the demo, but also for taking on the role of director
and editor as well.  The link for the demo can be found below.
One of the questions I had to answer when I was completing the entry report was ‘What was the best thing about taking part in the BIG Cookathon’? I didn’t have to think too hard about the answer to this, because for me the answer was most definitely ‘team work’!  At one point we considered not going ahead with the event.  This was due to the number of new pupils in school and the unsettling effect this was having on the other pupils.  We felt it may not be appropriate to send groups off site to cook, however in the end we were very glad that we did go ahead.  Helped immensely by the weather for those cooking outdoors, the days were a great success.  Everyone pulled together and showed great team work, and it was a totally positive experience for all involved.  Many of the pupils were able to guide less experienced staff on methods of cooking and chopping, in fact one pupil told his teacher  off for adding too much oil to the pan and then went on to explain why!
Our entry has now been sent for judging alongside many other schools, some of which will have had hundreds of people cooking with them.  We may not be able to compete with them when it comes to numbers, however I feel that we have gained far more from the experience than that, its just that it is hard to measure the smiling faces and enthusiasm of our pupils and staff when they were arriving back in school after their cooking sessions.
Thank you to everyone who took part or helped in any way, and we will definitely do this again in the future.  Below you will find a link to the recipe just incase it didnt arrive home – give it a go and let us know what you think.
Link to the recipe – LGC325_BC_Speedy_Biryani_Picture Ver


Gymnastics Video