Physical Education & School sport

The P.E curriculum is designed and centred on physical activity and leadership. Our vision is to ensure that all pupils are physically active and can develop leadership qualities through engagement and participation. Pupils are able to access a wide range of sporting activities and are encouraged to participate in all lessons in a number of different ways. They are also given opportunities to act as an official, team leader or mentor.

The four key aspects of the P.E curriculum are:

  • Leadership
  • Engagement
  • Achievement
  • Participation

The areas of P.E study for pupils in key stage 3 & 4 are:

  • Gymnastics – Trampolining
  • Net & Wall – Badminton & Tennis
  • Invasion Games – Hockey, Basketball, Football, Rugby
  • Striking & Fielding – Kwik cricket, rounder’s, softball
  • Athletics, Running, jumping & throwing activities

The areas of games study for pupils in Key stage 3 & 4 are:

  • Indoor/disability sports – Dodgeball, Boccia, kurling, indoor football
  • Classroom games – Pool, board games, online games, darts
  • Health & fitness – Boxing, indoor rowing, circuit training, strength & conditioning
  • Fun games – Tagging games, team games, problem solving tasks
  • Outdoor games & exercise – Woolston park walk, Woolston brook mile, class competitions

All pupils have lots of opportunities to access competitions and sports days outside of school and within the wider community, we have strong links and relationships with local schools and the Warrington Schools Sports Partnership to ensure we can provide pupils with new and exciting activities.

Woolston brook school offers our pupils a variety of sporting awards and qualifications. The qualifications currently available in the school are:

  • Primary – Play Leaders award
  • Key stage 3 – Young leaders award, change for life activity tracker award
  • Key stage 4 – Sports leaders level 1 & 2, GCSE P.E, Physical activity mentor programme and school sport apprentice