11/1/21 – 15/1/21

Primary 1 = A. Elli’s Class; Primary 2 = G. Hornby’s Class

English Maths Reseach Task Creative Task

(Art, Music, Play)

Monday Primary 1- Speech and language session making a scrap book

Primary 1-to box up an account for purpose

Primary 2-explanational writing- How bees make honey to use precise vocab

Primary 1- half past

Primary 2- angles identify perpendicular lines

Primary 1- how music has changed

Primary 2-how shang dynasty started

Cooking: primary 1- setting the table

Cooking Primary 2-Hygiene at home

Tuesday Primary 1-Speech and language session-Descriptive writing

Primary 1- to identify features of an recount

Primary 2-explanational writing- How bees make honey/compound words

Primary 1- half past part 2

Primary 2- angles to identify and explain parallel lines


Primary 1 Science-what is sound

Primary 2 Science-how can we see objects

ART: Primary 1- Clothes and fashion- Textiles

Art Primary 2 pop art portraits

Wednesday Primary 1 speech and language session-text sharing dressing up

Primary 1-to write a recount

Primary 2-explanational writing- How bees make honey-orally explain the process

Primary 1-half past in words

Primary 2-recognise right angles to explain parallel lines and perpendicular lines


Spellings primary 1 silent letters

Spellings Primary 2 homonyms


Drama-Primary 1- our world activities to extend your learning

Drama-Primary 2- The giants necklace part 2

Thursday Primary 1- speech and language session-using puppets to stimulate conversation

Primary 1-To write a recount part 2

Primary2-explanational writing how bees make honey to plan an explanation text

Primary 1- explore adding on hours and half hours

Primary 2-to identify rectangles including squares

RHE- Primary 1 my family network

RHE Primary 2- eat well live well


PE -Primary 1 -sensory circuit p2

PE- Primary 2 Invasion games- Basket ball 2

Friday Primary1-to write a recount

Primary 2-explanational writing- How bees make honey to use precise vocab practice complex and compound sentences

Primary 1 – Speech and language session-making a sock puppet

Primary 1- using language direction

Primary 2-to describe 2d shapes based on their properties


ICT-Primary 1-how computers help you learn

ICT Primary 2- computer systems and use

Independent learning-Brown hares the history