18/1/21 – 22/1/21

Primary 1 = A. Elli’s Class; Primary 2 = G. Hornby’s Class

English Maths Reseach Task Creative Task

(Art, Music, Play)

Monday Primary 1: Speech and language session the party

Primary 1: Information all about tigers

Primary 2: Explanational writing- How bees make honey to write an introduction

Primary 1-measures l1

Primary 2- missing angles

Primary 1- how toys have changed

Primary 2-whats it like for people at that time

Cooking:primary 1- reading labels

Cooking Primary 2-sorting the kitchen

Tuesday Primary 1-Speech and langauge session-using a writing frame.

Primary 1- to tell an information text from memory

Primary 2-explanational writing- How bees make honey writing first section


Primary 1- weighing and comparing

Primary 2- compare and classify triangles


Primary 1 Science-how do we hear

Primary 2 Science-what is the difference between day and night

ART: Primary 1- scultpure

Art Primary 2 pop art andy warhol

Wednesday Primary 1-role play information text

Primary 1-s and l following a recipe-jam

Primary 2-explanational writing- How bees make honey-edit section

Primary 1-estimating mass

Primary 2-compare quadrilaterals

Spellings primary 1 qu sound

Spellings Primary 2 homophomes


Drama-Primary 1- elmers weather

Drama-Primary 2- The giants necklace part 3

Thursday Primary 1-to add s to make nouns plural

Primary 1- s and l following a recipe

Primary2-explanational writing how bees make honey second section

Primary 1- measuring volume

Primary 2-find unknown angles

RHE- Primary 1 my special circles

RHE Primary 2-time to get active


PE -Primary 1 -sensory circuit p3

PE- Primary 2 Invasion games- Basket ball 3

Friday Primary1 s and l -following instructions

Primary 2-explanational writing- How bees make honey to promote a love for reading

Primary 1 -retrieve information

Primary 1- measuring and comparing

Primary 2-find amounts of missing angles

ICT-Primary 1-What is the internet

ICT Primary 2- transferring the information

Independent learning-across the big water