18/1/21 – 22/1/21

Primary 1 = A. Elli’s Class; Primary 2 = G. Hornby’s Class

English Maths Reseach Task Creative Task

(Art, Music, Play)

Monday Primary 1- Speech and language session what do I look like

Primary 1-box up for purpose

Primary 2-instruction- Pizza investigate instructions

Primary 1-compare the mass of 2 objects

Primary 2-word problems including algebra l1

Primary 1- History. How toys have changed p2

Primary 2-History. What did the Shang people believe

Food Technology: primary 1- organising clothes

Food Technology: Primary 2-Clothes for occassions

Tuesday Primary 1-Speech and langauge session-getting to grips with graphemes

Primary 1- to identify features of an informative text

Primary 2-instruction- suffixes er and est

Primary 1-to compare the mass of more than 2 objects

Primary 2- word problems including algebra l2

Primary 1 Science-how do we look after our ears?

Primary 2 Science-which materials are reflective

Art Primary 2 pop art andy warhol part 2

ART: Primary 1- pop art RL

Wednesday Primary 1-to write an informative text p1

Primary 1-s and l perfectly pronounced phonemes

Primary 2-instruction- to explore being verbs

Primary 1-to compare mass using non metric units

Primary 2-word problems including algebra l3

Spellings primary 1 igh sound

Spellings Primary 2 end test

Drama-Primary 1- Lets make a rhyme

Drama-Primary 2- The giants necklace part 4 analyse

Thursday Primary 1-to write an informative text p2

Primary 1- s and l sequencing my life story

Primary2-Instructional-to devise ingredients

Primary 1- to find the mass of objects in units

Primary 2-word problems including algebra l4

RHE- Primary 1 one big family

RHE Primary 2-my own workout

PE -Primary 1movement and balance l1

PE- Primary 2 Invasion games-rugby

Friday Primary1 phonics recap -small town phonics game

Primary 2-instruction- to develop a rich understanding of words

Primary 1 -to write an informative text p3

Primary 1- to experience stand units of mass

Primary 2-word problems including algebra l5

ICT-Primary 1-How do people use computers at work- skills builder activity

ICT Primary 2- working together

Independent learning-tricky Victoria horrible histories