Transforming learning using the platform Tootoot

(Use your Voice)



In September 2018 Woolston Brook SLT nominated the Tootoot Scheme

 -Use your voice to pilot pupil/parent voice within our school. Woolston Brook School used pupil voice week to introduce the new initiatives.


Session One: An Introduction to Pupil Voice Week

Aim – To use Your Voice!

Pupil Voice Week 2018’s theme was ‘Use Your Voice’. Woolston Brook School wanted to encourage pupils to think about all the positive things they can use their voice for.  We encouraged all our pupils to share with us how they would use their voice to impact their learning.

SLT discussed a fresh approach on identity for all of its pupils. A discussion with staff highlighted a new outlook for the school but also a need for belonging, unity and identity.

Key stage meetings took place where each child had the opportunity to use their voice in regards to a new facelift in the school identity: Voting towards a new uniform style, Colour, logo and policy that was based on our school ethos: Trust, Engage, Involve, Achieve.

Session Two

Activity – Class Debate

In keeping with this year’s theme Woolston brook School built a task that would give our pupils the prefect opportunity to use their voices!

Woolston Brook dedicated nurture sessions for class debates on Identity, belonging and safety and each discussion was tailored around Ready to learn, Being Respectful and Safe.

Session Three

Activity – Class Motto and Shield

How will Woolston Brook pupils use their voices positively this year? A school motto tasks helps pupils come together as a group and decide together! Woolston Brook dedicated Nurture session to which every pupil had the opportunity to design a new logo for the school.

Session Four

Woolston Brook used their Pupil Voice poster pack and displayed it around the school to raise awareness of Pupil Voice and the theme Use Your Voice. We nominated School Council representatives in all key stages to represent pupil voice. With the additional focus of a Parental nomination.


Session Five

Pupil Voice Week Assembly – Anti Bullying

Pupil Voice assemblies introduced the topic of bullying and the impact it can have on pupils, it informed pupils that using their voice positively is always best. Woolston Brook School celebrated two weeks focussed on the theme-Choose Respect.

Session Six

Pupil Voice Assembly – Positive Communities

Our assembly discussed with pupils the communities they are part of, and explored how they could use their voices to be a positive influence within them. Woolston Brook designed (with the assistance of the local communities, parents and agencies) A Community Art Garden Project. This involved the following:

  • Journey of light exhibition
  • Soup Kitchen
  • Wall of reflection
  • Graffiti Art
  • Statue of contemplation
  • Woolston Brook Anti Bullying song
  • Community barbeque built
  • Mindfulness therapy

Session Seven

Task – Be an Upstander

eCadets Pupil Voice  helped pupils explore ways that they could use their voice positively to be an upstander during negative situations such as bullying. Woolston Brook nominated from each key stage a buddy that pupils go to if the need arises.

Session Eight

eAWARE’s positive communication taught pupils how to positively interact with people in the real world and online. In addition to this Woolston Brook took part in Cyber Awareness day. Pupils discussed the dangers of online gaming with MGL. Pupils designed a comic life reflecting the importance of cyber safety. To mirror this message- NSPPC Stay Safe program visited school and gave a talk on keeping Safe.

End of Autumn Term

Certificates were given to pupils so that they can proudly show their participated in Pupil Voice Activities.

Spring Term

Session One: Internet Safety Day

Pupils used their ICT/ PSHE sessions and Key stage assemblies to discuss Safety on the internet. Parents and pupils given a questionnaire highlighting their understanding of safety on social media sites and offering help where supported. Gazette/ website links set up to assist parents where needed. Next Step-Link up with Chaigley to design a keep safe booklet and Safeguarding newsletter to contain helplines and guidance.

Session Two: LGBT History Month

This month Student council celebrated diversity by conducting a whole school film event.

Pupils from all key stages attended the showing of ‘Boy in the Dress’ by the famous writer David Walliams. The book discusses modern themes in a friendly and fun way. Click here to download information about the film.

Click here to download the pupil voice LGBT history month PDF.

Feedback from the event:

Did you like the event? 100% yes

What did you feel went well? Choice of film

How could we improve? Seating a little uncomfortable at times and noise level.

Suggestions for next event: Activities, different theme of film or a planned walk.

Session Three: Student Council

Pupils/ Staff used their voice to nominate a Woolston Brook Student council 2019

Session Four- Voting

Head Boy Winner: Tyler 19 votes

Head Girl Winner Charley

Plastic Toy Sale KS2

This term following our Plastic Pledge we have held a second hand Toy Sale .
Student council member sent out texts and made flyers which resulted in lots of donations being brought in.
Total amount raised £119.00

Parent Council

We have had our first Parent Council meeting, on the 12th of June 2019, where some good views were shared about what our parents thought about the school. Click here to download their feedback.

Buddy Station

Looking funny for money

Easter Egg Competition

The whole school took part in a fun event of designing their own Easter egg. It showed diversity and creativity.

1ST PLACE: Finlay KS2

2ND PLACE John MCmullan

3rd Place Jayden KS3

Student council used fun quiz style questions to inform the whole school about different cultural celebrations at Easter time.

Summer Term

Our Healthy Year

Students from all key stages have been encouraged to take part in the ‘Change 4 Life: Healthier Life Style Scheme’. Students have been given water bottles to encourage them to drink more. Fruit has been available in the class room and healthy snacks encouraged.

School Photographs

This term, our school has been celebrating their new outlook and vision by all key stages having the opportunity to have their picture taken. This has been embraced by most pupils and positive feedback given by Parent Council.

Diversity Week 1st-5th July

Student Council showed initiative when selling Diversity ribbons and laces to our Woolston Community. A visit to The learning Village to show our support raised £35.00. Pupils from all key stages created posters relating themselves to a Diverse Character. A whole school film afternoon took place where pupils encountered Diversity in a safe Learning environment and our Diversity tree contained many inspiring quotes and comments from pupils. Well done.

Feedback from pupils is that they enjoyed the week especially the diverse breakfast and film event.

Sports Week

Pupils from Woolston Brook took part in the trampoline challenge and afternoon activities took place such as parachute games, bubble making, football targets and much more. We ended the week by having a Whole school Cricket event which encouraged all pupils to participate.

Community Networking

Scatter a scarecrow competition 2019

Say hello to our resident Scarecrow- His name is Planet protector. Our pupils have designed our scarecrow and made him out of everyday plastics that they brought in from home.  Following on from our Plastic pledge earlier on in the year, pupils are once again highlighting # Say no to plastic# campaign.

Scarecrow Padgate Festival is on the 17-21st July- Good luck Planet protector!

School Council Review

It is the end of our school year and what a great year it has been. School council met with the head for a celebratory lunch and to discuss events celebrated this year with the focus of what can we plan for September.

Suggestions for September:

Once a week lunch time activities run by council

More whole school themed film afternoon in hall.

Fundraiser Event

Sponsored Read

More voting towards local government initiatives