Reading is a fundamental skill which continues to develop as a child’s journeys through our school. At Woolston Brook we believe that being able to read is essential to developing our pupil’s to be life long learners.

Sharing reading pieces is a weekly activity at Woolston Brook from Primary to KS4. In Primary children access phonic lessons and guided reading. In Secondary, novels and subject-based reading is embedded into their curriculum. All Key Stages are invited to use our wonderful library and borrow any book of their choice to share at home.

Summer Activities

Free eBook

How not to go to school. Written to help children during lock down.

lots of good teen books for free
Free ebook: The Book of Hopes; Edited by Katherine Rundell

Spring Activities

Ann Bronte’s Birthday

26th January 1820,  exactly two hundred years ago today, in Thornton, Bradford, Maria Brontë gave birth to her sixth child – Anne Brontë! A brilliant novelist,  a brilliant poet, a brilliant thinker, and she was a brilliant human being.
Pupilshad the opportunities to help celebrate Ann Brontes 200th birthday by researching the author and finding out what they ate in those times and also sharing some inspiring poetry.  This was finally finished with sharing cupcakes!

Autumn Activities

Grab a Book Day

Pupils from KS3 enjoyed ‘The Bold’ by Julian Clary and created interesting book reviews

Review an Author

Woolston Brook School have enjoyed taking part in Roald Dahl. Activity booklets, storybooks and audio stories have been shared throughout the key stages.

Find a Book North West

Pupils from KS2 and 3 joined the regional new ‘Find a Book’ initiative. They enjoyed placing books in local children’s areas for them to find, enjoy and share. Pupil’s were excited to find out that some of their books have already been found and they have been hidden in new locations.

Career Pathways

All children across the school have been reading about careers for the future and have been creating a skills platform.

National Poetry Day

Staff and pupils took part in National Poetry Day by sharing their favourite poems and created their own verses. They also employed their computing science skills to assist them in their compositions and in the layout of their poetry. Click here to have a go.

Black History Month

We have celebrated Black History Month by creating a school fact file about prominent historical figures and how they have influenced our lives today.

Why Not Share A Book At Home

Book Trust

Love Reading

Oxford Owl

National Geographic Young Explorer

Storyline Online