KS2 Maths Lessons

  1. Perimiter
  2. Area of 2D shapes
  3. Short division

Gary Hornby

KS2 Teacher

Objective: to divide numbers up to 3 digits (100’s) using the bus stop method


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Tier 2
Tier 3

Starter: watch the video

Main: watch the video and follow the examples


short division (without remainders) questions
short division practice worksheet
short division – bus stop method 3 digits 


What is the bus stop method?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to the bus stop method:

I start by thinking about whether 7 will go into 3.

It doesn’t, so I think about whether 7 will go into 36.

It goes 5 times to make 35. I put the 5 over the 6.

There is a remainder of 1, so this 1 goes next to the 2 to make 12.

I know that 7 goes into 12 once and there is a remainder of 5, so I write 1 over the 2 and put ‘R 5’ at the end

The bus stop method can also be used to divide three-digit numbers by two-digit numbers:


I start by working out how many times 23 will go into 54. It goes in twice, so I put 2 above the 4.

There is a remainder of 8, which I put next to the 7.
I now think about how many times 23 goes into 87.

It goes in 3 times with a remainder of 18, so I put 3 over the 7 and then write ‘R 18’ at the end.

source: www.theschoolrun.com