This Statement of Intent underpins our Curriculum Overview document, our subject overviews and Learning journeys.  When looked at together, they describe the curriculum offer to our pupils. 

Our Aim at Woolston Brook School is to provide an excellent education for all pupils; an education which brings out the very best in all of them and prepares them for success in life.  Our curriculum is designed to provide our students with the core knowledge they need for success in education and later life, to maximise their cognitive development, to develop the whole person and the talents of the individual and to allow all of our pupils to become active, culturally and economically self-sufficient citizens. 

Our curriculum is broad based and balanced and enables pupils to appreciate and participate in the full richness of the human experience. 

Through our careers curriculum, our young people from KS2 – KS4 are taught to realistically appraise their qualities and skills, roles and responsibilities, values and attitudes and achievements, are better able to understand themselves, make informed choices and relate well to others. 

Self-awareness provides individuals with the foundation for enhancing their self-esteem, developing their identity and achieving personal wellbeing. 

Our whole school learning journey prepares our pupils for the future and helps them make a smooth transition from school to college, apprenticeship or the world of work.  We adopt an Assess, Plan, Do, Review approach in each subject with every child. 

Our curriculum is founded on the key principles of:


We believe that all of our pupils have the right to learn and experiences a broad based and balanced curriculum which offers clear progression, planning, sequencing, and assessment opportunities. 


We want all pupils to achieve a full understanding of the knowledge specific in the curriculum for each year, and teaching should not move on until this is achieved.  This stretches across all age ranges and all abilities. 


We won’t constantly change the curriculum; whilst we will make adjustments in the light of feedback and experience, we will aim for stability over many years, so that teachers can develop expertise.  We constantly build assessment opportunities both summative and formative in our Learning Journeys. 

Concepts not Context 

The curriculum at Woolston Brook School is intended as a concise specification of knowledge and content to be taught and learned.  Our teachers will be supported in their Continuous Professional Development to enable them to bring the curriculum to life and achieve excellence. 


Our subjects work together through careful joint planning, targeted CPD and regular Assessment Focus Group Meetings to identify knowledge. 

The curriculum overview for each subject identifies what is delivered and reinforces consistency between each year group. 

Learning Journeys signpost opportunities for pupils to study and gain a wide range of GCSE, Asdan Courses, Step Up, Bronze, Silver and Gold, Entry Level.  Vocational Courses are also offered to ensure sufficient breadth in the curriculum at Woolston Brook School. 

In lessons, students will be challenged, whilst additional support will be given to students who need it. 

Our approach to Teaching and Learning supports our curriculum by ensuring that lessons build on prior learning and provide enough opportunity for guided and independent learning. 

A typical example of what lessons might look like:- 

  • Begin lessons with a short review of previous learning 
  • Present new materials in small chunks 
  • Use questioning 
  • Provide models 
  • Guide students practise 
  • Check regularly for students understanding 
  • Provide scaffolds for difficult tasks 
  • Engage students in weekly and monthly review 
  • Engage pupils and parents in a termly Review Day 

All pupils identified with additional Learning Needs through their EHCP and our baseline assessments are offered Booster Sessions with specific targets to ensure all of our pupils can access the curriculum. 

Our teachers explicitly teach the meaning of subject specific language (Tier 3 vocabulary) as well as using Better Words (Tier 2 vocabulary) across the curriculum.  Learning walks , work scrutiny and Lesson observations check on appropriate challenge and support. 

Knowledge Organisers provide our pupils with key information in each subject, broken down by term, enabling them to memorise the key knowledge they require in order to be able to perform high level functions such as analysis and evaluation.  Scaffolding of vocabulary will support our students in decoding and accessing GCSE examination papers. 

As a whole school community, we encourage pupils and staff to read widely.  In each tutor session and integrated into subject specific lessons, guided reading is encouraged.   This is planned into the subject learning journeys and is a cross-curricular activity.  

All pupils at Woolston Brook School have an equal right to a challenging and enlightening curriculum.  By teaching this curriculum well and developing good learning habits we bring out the very best in everyone. 

The whole school curriculum is built around our Trust, Engage, Involve, Achieve approach to learning and is embedded in spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. 

Our curriculum, in all areas, enhances the experiences and opportunities available to all our pupils as we fully embrace the need to identify Cultural Capital in the curriculum offering. 

Cultural Capital experiences and opportunities at Woolston Brook School range from improving our vocabulary to doing rock climbing and coasteering on School Camp. 

Every Friday, groups of pupils access lyric and melody writing and recording with “Vital Signs” which deepens their love of music as well as getting them to explore real job opportunities in the music industry.  Our Arts, Sports and Food Technology Learning Journeys incorporate a wealth of visits to museums, art galleries, sports arenas, supermarkets and use our parent’s expertise and knowledge.  

Active Hope is a Christian charity based in Warrington.  They are committed to providing quality outdoor and adventurous activities from well qualified and enthusiastic instructors to children and young people.   

Active Hope is non-profit making organisation, all the money received goes straight back into the work of the charity.  We are supported by individuals and some larger charitable trusts. 

They work with children and young people for all backgrounds offering them new and exciting opportunities and experiences.  They offer our pupils new experiences in life.  Encourage them to look at faith and to embrace adventure in all its forms.  They believe that outdoor and adventurous activities offer children and young people the opportunities to experience challenge, to develop valuable life skills and gain a fantastic sense of achievement. 

We find many of our parents are able to contribute to new learning and extend experiences in a positive way. 

Impact (As a Result) 

The impact of the curriculum at Woolston Brook School can be seen through the outcomes of all groups of pupils and the work they produce and their achievements at every stage in their Learning Journey. 

  • Pupils at Woolston Brook School feel happy, safe and respected. We know this through our regular pupil and parent/carer voice exercises as well as through our review days 
  • Behaviour at Woolston Brook School is good and diversity is celebrated. We know this though pupil and parent/carer voice activities, our behaviour data (including attendance), and through looking at the subject  learning journeys 
  • Pupils demonstrate emotional resilience and the ability to persevere when they meet challenge. We know this through our Learning walks/observations, pupil progress data over time, and outcomes of their Emotional Literacy interventions. 
  • Pupils have good and improving communication skills both written and verbal. We know this through progress data over time, and teacher feedback in Teaching and Learning meetings and Subject departmental meetings.  Identified pupils also have outcome from their Speech and Language interventions 
  • Pupils demonstrate high levels of engagement in activities, developing their speaking, listening and social skills. We know this by lesson observations and learning walks, work scrutiny, pupil and parent/carer voice and review days. 
  • All pupils at Woolston Brook School have SEND, and make good progress from their starting points due to the effective use of baselining and development of appropriate resources, along with the targeting of interventions and Booster Sessions. We know these measures have positive impact through subject pupil progress data, and the annual review process.  
  • Pupils gain a wide range of meaningful qualifications and have good independence and life skills. We know this though our Year 11 destinations data, records of achievement and end of Key Stage 4 outcomes. 
  • Pupils make a smooth transition from Woolston Brook School to college, apprenticeships or the world of work we see this in our Key stage 4 annual review process and post 16 destinations data.


Whole School Curriculum Intent Statement