One night whilst I was in my bedroom playing Fortnite , as I trumped something amazing happened the PS4 started to shake. Juices started to squirt out of the PS4 . I went over to it and tried to grab it as I wanted to throw it out the window. I eventually got the PS4 and was able to grab it using my gas mask that I kept in the corner of my room.I was able to throw the PS4 out of my bedroom window. It started to shake again and then it disappeared. I didn’t know what to do. I looked down and I was shocked because my arm began to disappear. I was becoming invisible.I don’t know how I got there but I was in PS4 land .I was reborn again a ps4 character called John Wick. I looked down and I had gained a big beard. I had muscles and was very strong. I found that I had good skills with guns.I can see ps4’s everywhere and there was links, the daughter of the ice KING. I look over the horizon and I can see the Ice King in his castle. All of a sudden a voice boomed through the clouds “My daughter Lynx come and fight me”.It was then I decided I was going to be the hero of the story, I was going to help Lynx fight the Ice King. It was a long walk to the Ice castle but before we got to rest two giant Trogs leapt out at us.The Trog’s used their weapons to attack us, to build and fight the Trogs. It was then when were close to winning that the powerful Ice King appeared ready to destroy us. The Ice King chose his strongest powers to use against Lnyx and myself. He chose his destroyer sword, I decided to use to use my pump shotgun and Lynx had a sniper. Just as we were about to use our RPG from the distance a silver object appeared in my eye line. It was a plane- Who could this be coming to save me.Two people exited the plane with parachutes, I recognised them straight away It was Drift MY FRIEND, sergeant winter (the pilot) and they started to fight with me. Unusually one the Trog’s decided to join forces with Lynx and Myself. I was shocked The Trog’s had immense power – he started shooting at the Ice King. The Ice king shouted “Trog what are you doing?” The ice king got embarrassed because one of his team was not being loyal.Drift accidentally got knocked in head by a sniper shot, who could that be. It was the Ice queen hidden on top of the castle. I couldn’t see Drift moving was he dead or just injured. There was a screech – The ice queen, king and all of them are dead ,Sergeant Winter sneakily got back into the plane and has won the war!

By Mason (Y4)