Our School Vision for the next 5 years is:

We will be vocal in letting each other, pupils, parents, governor and any outside agencies know that these 3 words drive us on every level.

We believe that these are key to our pupils being successful, not just at school, but in the wider world beyond. They underpin all that we do here, and are intertwined with what it means to be a pupil or staff member of Woolston Brook School. These are reflected in our relationships and behaviours within the school, and are crucial in our shared responsibility of modelling good practice as a means of showing respect for each other and for our pupils.

Education is a sector where there has always been continuous change and demand, and as ever, this continues to be the case, as we are asked to change the way that we work in light of the COVID-19 situation. As education professionals, we will continue to rise to that challenge and deliver the best that we possibly can for our pupils and the community that we serve. We are delighted to be working more and more with our colleagues in mainstream schools to help develop the continuum of care for young people with Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs in Warrington.