With the support of our committed governors, Woolston Brook School strives to be a vibrant exciting place. where pupils succeed academically, attend well, behave in line with society’s expectations and enjoy a sense of belonging . Our curriculum offer is an expression of our commitment to the core values of Trust, Engage, Involve, Achieve.

We keep these values at the heart of all that we are and all that we do; in that we;

  • Build TRUST between ourselves, our pupils and those that care for them, through open communication and proactive planning.
  • Seek to ENGAGE our pupils through a curriculum filled with vibrant experiential learning opportunities and the highest expectations of success
  • INVOLVE our pupils through developing their skills in assessing their own progress, developing independent learning skills, and sharing progress updates with those who care for them in a timely and accessible manner.
  • Equip our pupils with the skills they need to ACHIEVE, such as communication skills, problem solving, literacy and numeracy skills and of course meaningful qualifications

As a result of living out our values, we are an innovative place, able to respond to SEMH needs of children and young people in Warrington, and take our place as lead role in the LA’s specialist support continuum; from advising on the pupils causing concern in a mainstream school, to those needing their complex learning and SEMH needs met within our school.