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Welcome to Woolstonbrook Primary Department


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Hello I am Annamarie  and I am an Assistant Head Teacher at Woolston Brook. I teach primary and my specialism is Art. I am dedicated to raising and maintaining standards for quality teaching at our Primary provision including the embedded skills for life program- Skills builder.
Hello I am Gary and I teach in the Primary department at woolstonbrook. My specialism is DT. I am dedicated to maintaining high expectations in Key stage two assessments and guiding our drive towards our goal of STEAM.

Hello I am Leah. I am a Teaching Assistant in the Primary department at Woolstonbrook. I am dedicated to using my skills and knowledge of pastoral interventions and differentiation in the classroom.

Hello my name is Tracey Golding. I am a SEN Teacher Assistant in the Primary Department at Woolstonbrook. I am dedicated to embedding regular assessment platforms and filtering the results into school pod and boosters in order to unlock pupil’s potential