Welcome to Woolstonbrook Primary Department

At WoolstonBrook we strive to offer the best possible education for our pupils. We pride ourselves on being creative and innovative and never settling for anything less than excellence. We endeavour to create a community where warmth and trust is nurtured to provide a level of care that enables children to feel safe and respected, and challenge is forefront to leading to a long-term learning achievement.

At Woolston Brook Primary Department we believe every child is unique, and this ethos is the starting point and at the heart of everything we do. Implementing this belief is a highly skilled and experienced staff team who work closely with our school community to develop personalised learning programmes, reflecting our pupil’s individual needs. Through their delivery of these our staff are totally dedicated to ensuring the very best outcomes for the pupils.

We firmly believe that equality and mutual respect for all is essential. We uphold those values and aim to role model tolerance and acceptance for all within modern society.

In return for offering the highest quality support and learning opportunities we, in turn, have high standards and expectations in terms of the all-round development and behaviour of our pupils. Complementing this is a culture that will always celebrate achievement and success at all levels

Hello I am Annamarie  and I am an Assistant Head Teacher at Woolston Brook. I teach primary and my specialism is Art. I am dedicated to raising and maintaining standards for quality teaching at our Primary provision including the embedded skills for life program- Skills builder.
Hello I am Gary and I teach in the Primary department at woolstonbrook. My specialism is DT. I am dedicated to maintaining high expectations in Key stage two assessments and guiding our drive towards our goal of STEAM.
Hello I am Leah. I am a Teaching Assistant in the Primary department at Woolstonbrook. I am dedicated to using my skills and knowledge of pastoral interventions and differentiation in the classroom.
Hello I am Bryony and I am a Teacher Assistant in the Primary Department at Woolstonbrook. I am dedicated to embedding my knowledge of phonics and early literacy and early mathematics to reduce barriers to learning.
Hello my name is Tracey Golding. I am a SEN Teacher Assistant in the Primary Department at Woolstonbrook. I am dedicated to embedding regular assessment platforms and filtering the results into school pod and boosters in order to unlock pupil’s potential.