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Virtual Careers Talk: Careers in Construction


Antony Jinman: Virtual Talk to Raise Year 7 Aspirations


Antony Jinman Bio

Renowned polar adventurer Antony Jinman is most widely recognised for being the twelfth Briton to have skied to the Geographic North Pole and ski solo to the Geographic South Pole. You may believe that there is nothing left to explore, that the world has been mapped and that the age of exploration and explorers on our planet is at an end. But you’d be mistaken; there is a need today as much as there has ever been, if only to inspire the hearts and minds of future generations about the world around them.

Antony Jinman is a modern day polar explorer and educational entrepreneur who is pioneering how technology can be used to share experiences and credible information through “Live Learning”. In 2014 Jinman skied 730 miles solo to the Geographic South Pole in just 46 days, whilst interacting with over 8000 pupils in schools around the world, allowing them to share in the experience and debate issues online with “Live learning” scientists and educators. Upon reaching the pole he made history by becoming the 12th Briton ever to have reached both the Geographic North and South Poles, his very own Olympic polar gold. With 16 expeditions into both the Arctic and Antarctica Antony brings a wealth of experience and knowledge into education. Antony’s Career Network ‘LIKETOBE’ provides lots of information for students, educators, employers and professionsals.

‘Discover, Engage, Become’ – Antony Jinman

Fire Brigade (Respect Course)

Year 10 pupils completed a 10 week Respect Course, which provided an insight into work of the Cheshire Fire Service whilst developing team work and leadership skills. from October to December. With the Cheshire Fire Service, the course developed teamwork, leadership and communication skills.


Work Experience

BalfourBeatty-768x119 (1)

As part of Woolston Brooks Career Pathway Programme a student from year 11 has participated in a work placement with Balfour Beatty. He has been part of the Industrial Cadet Scheme which supports young people into the construction industry through shadowing various professionals. This week he has developed his knowledge of various trades and has shown a keen interest in Civil Engineering and Quantity Surveying.

The student has demonstrated the ability to adapt to various situations and shown many skills and attributes companies require in the 21st century. The feedback from the staff at the Burtonwood Road widening project has been exemplary which is a really positive outcome for the moving forward into further, higher education and employment.


Work Experience

Pupils have been undertaking work placements as part of their Career Pathway Programme. During the experience they gained a valuable insight into the world of work which will prepare them for their next steps post 16. At St Rocco’s Hospice they spent 4 weeks as a mentor on the RocOn Project. The role was to support groups of year 3 pupils from Woolston C of E Primary exploring being part of the wider community. Our pupils assisted leading the group activities, drawing out thoughts, ideas and opinions from them. To gain more of an understanding our pupils helped them to make gratitude jars and created amazing pebbles with a personal and inspiring message to share in different parts of the community. Other students worked alongside the coaches at the Wolves Foundation delivering rugby to various primary schools in Warrington over 2 weeks. They were a real asset to the coaching team and showed initiative and creativity to ensure each pupil in the sessions manged to participate whatever their skill level or ability. James Johnson the Community Rugby League Coach from the Wolves Foundation has invited them to assist in the Rugby Festival involving all the Primary schools in Warrington. They have demonstrated many skills and characteristics that will benefit any future employer. The feedback from the employers was exemplary, commenting on their commitment, enthusiasm and ability to adapt to different situations in a mature and professional way.


Community Engagement

As part of Woolston Brooks Career Pathway we encourage our young people to volunteer in our local community. This provides them with an opportunity to gain work related skills and also valuable social interactions with different people outside of the school environment. This term a number of pupils have been supporting at Charlie’s Gardening Club at St Roccos. The group are a combination of bereaved volunteers and also patients of the hospice. Our pupils really enjoy working alongside them and work hard for their cup of tea and cake at the end!


RocOn Project – Volunteering

The RocOn project is part of our Voluntary and work experience element of the Career Pathway Programme. The pupils were part of the team at St Rocco’s Hospice delivering sessions to year 5 pupils from Meadowside Primary School.

This year our pupils have worked with the the primary pupils to educate them about the hospice and the work it does within the community. It’s part of a 5 week project and each week 10 new pupils from Meadowside come into the Hospice and our pupils support them during the visit.

The feedback from the sessions has been excellent from both the Hospice staff and also the primary pupils. The evidence gained from this experience will form part of their ASDAN Careers and Experiencing Work short course qualification.


Social and Work Related Skills Development

As part of the speech and social skills group a couple of pupils have spent time building a willow arch. They worked together and created a fantastic arch which leads to the main garden area. During the spring and summer it’ll be interesting to see it grow and be a real feature they should be proud of. It has given them an insight into the world of work and specifically Landscaping and horticulture which they seemed interested in pursuing.

Mock Interviews

As part of the Career Pathway Programme year 10 pupils received mock interviews by Allie Swindlehurst from Job Centre Plus. During the interview they all answered the questions confidently and received some positive feedback.

At the end of the session they discussed and listed 10 top tips to a successful interview and also received detailed feedback with development areas.