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At Woolston Brook we pride ourselves on having a creative approach to teaching and learning. This creativity is at the heart of our curriculum within the Art Department. We study a range of artists and techniques across the Key Stages that result in students developing their creative skills and producing a wide range of exciting work and qualifications.
Key Stage 2 The focus of the Art lesson is to introduce the students to a wide range of artistic mediums and let them explore their creativity. This includes working with paint, drawing techniques, clay and collage.

As the students move to Key Stage 3 the slots are focused towards a particular topic or skill that will lead to an Educas G.C.S.E for the work they produce.
In Key Stage 4 students will continue to work on more focused units to lead students into taking their Art GCSE.

We have a dedicated art room with its own specialist equipment. Students have access to clay work, batik, fabric painting, sewing, candle making, tile printing, ink marbling, acrylic painting, water colour painting, charcoal drawing, mosaic and many others.
Students are given instruction on technique but are encouraged to trust their own creativity and independence. Art is a wonderful outlet for students to express themselves and their emotions. We encourage an inclusive approach as art is so subjective, there are no mistakes, only opportunities to learn and develop skills.

Art and Design Scheme of Work Year 7